Dodd’s Financial Regulatory Reforms Proposal Fails to Deliver the Punch


The recently proposed financial and bank regulatory reforms by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd has been received with mixed reactions so far. The reforms bill aims to define new regulatory responsibilities and processes for various financial regulatory bodies including the Federal Reserve. Under the proposed reforms, the Fed will get new ranks of regulators   Continue Reading…

RAID Storage: Software vs Hardware types

NAS, RAID Storage: Software vs Hardware types

RAID Storage RAID is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks (the “I” formerly stood for Inexpensive). It first saw the light of day in a paper published by professors at Berkley in 1988. RAID storage uses multiple disks in order to provide increased fault tolerance (all except RAID 0),  better I/O (input/output) operations performance, and increased single   Continue Reading…

Introducing The Machine

The Machine Mock-up model

Introducing The Machine, A new type of computer architecture capable of addressing 640 TB of data in one nanosecond The Machine – HP’s ambitious research project that plans to rethink the way we do computing. According to HP, The Machine is a different breed of computer architecture altogether. It is not like any devices currently available.   Continue Reading…

7 Tips To Grow Your New Business

Growing a Plant picture, 7 Tips To Grow Your New Business

Most of the Small Business are created by the people who are expert in their fields of working. For example if a freelancer gets more work ( Due to its rating and expertise) , she would like to create her small business where she can provide various kinds of services to the client. You can follow informatii distanta ritiera detaliata.