A Guide To write SEO Friendly Article in SEO by Yoast Plugin

In this SEO guide, I am going to uncover some of the tips for writing SEO friendly article using SEO by Yoast plugin. SEO by Yoast is the most preferred Free SEO Plugin that boosts the Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress Blog.

However, there are many SEO plugin available that you can use. And this guide can be applied to any of them or even on the Blogger blogs while writing. All the things you will learn here is how to create an SEO friendly copy that will be valid on any of the platforms.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles in SEO  by Yoast

Before proceeding, make sure that you have configured your SEO Plugin correctly and you are ready to learn the writing.

Guide for Writing SEO Friendly Articles in SEO by Yoast Plugin ?

Search Engines are based on Keywords and some SEO algorithms that decide which blog will be shown on the top ranking on a user’s query.

Recently, Google has released the humming bird and penguine 2.1 updates that has affected many of the blog positively and negatively. So what we are learning here is how to use the keyword in the posts and making it acceptable within the changing SEO environment. We will dive into deep step by step and I bet, in the end, you will learn the SEO writing.

Let’s start now =>

Do you know what comes first when you start writing an article in the WordPress editor  ? No. Okay, let me tell you. It’s the Post Title that is shown as the entry title in the blog post. For example this has a Post Title as

“ A Guide To write SEO Friendly Article in SEO by Yoast Plugin ”

The Post Title, URL of the Post and then the Meta Descriptions are shown in the SERPs. Your keyword must be present in these three things.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles in SEO by Yoast

The meta description contain the information about the post article which tells the user and Search engine that you have written it for a particular topic. The search engine finds it by judging the keywords in it [ by using the algorithms].

The meta description can be the excerpt of the post or you can use custom meta content given in the plugin’ meta description options.

After that, the Content comes. Here are the few points that you should keep in mind while writing an article –

  1. The article must have 300 words at least. It will be better to create a 500 word article.

  2. Use of Heading and Subheading tags

  3. Use of Images in the Post

  4. Reference links from Some External blogs

  5. The keyword should appear in the  Title, URL, Meta Description, First paragraph, Middle and last paragraph

  6. The post title must not exceed from 65 characters

  7. Keyword Density must not exceed 1.5 %

  8. The Keyword must be unique and not have been used before.

  9. Use keyword in Image’s alternate Text  [ ALT ].

Done ? Take a break and read the above points again carefully. Now you know how to write the article. I suppose that you have written the article and Now it’s time to check whether your article  is SEO friendly or not.

Save the article as a draft and you will see some Yellow, Green , Red or the colourless Dot near the publish button.  Click on that dot and you will reach at the Page Analysis section of the plugin.

Analysis of the Written Article

If you have noticed this article, you are reading, is itself an SEO Friendly Article. And We are going to analyse it as a reference. Because, A scientist always requires an experimental rat to perform the experiment. And this article is going to our Rat this time :D.

This article has been written around the Keyword – Writing SEO Friendly Article

You can see that this keyword is present in

  • Post Title
  • Post URL
  • Post Meta Description
  • Subheading H2 Tag
  • First Paragraph, In the Middle and in the last paragraph
  • The ALT text of images used

Further the article has crossed 300 words and I have included an external link from wordpress.org to link back to the SEO by Yoast plugin there. Its up to you if you want to use external link in your article. The keyword density is still less than 1% according to this plugin which is good.

Finally make sure that the most of the dots in the Page Analysis Tab are green. Here is the glimpse of the Page Analysis for this article.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles in SEO by Yoast

Over to you

No matter how many tutorial or Guide for Writing SEO friendly Article you have read  till date. But the only practicing with it will make you mastering the skill.

I have provided a little guide about the same, but it all up to you, how will you understand and implement it. If you find this guide useful make sure to leave comment, share with fellow friends and let me know about your views.

cheers !!!

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    • says

      it is the basic thing that a writer must know and implement while writing the SEO content for won blog or for a client.
      Thanks for dropping you comment on this post Sangeetha :)

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  1. says

    Yeah, SEO by yoast is an awesome WP plugin which helps to present SEO friendly post.

    I am using it from long, it is really useful to get good SERP for my blog posts.

    Nice write-up, keep doing it Ravi :)

    • says

      I was using All in one SEO Pack before it. But, this plugin is far better and allows us to show the breadcrump in SERP.
      thanks for your appreciation Nirmala and also thanks for sharing this post.
      Happy blogging !!!

  2. says

    Hello Ravi
    Well Written Article, Many of the Bloggers Use this Plugin and Gets Great Result with SEO. Thanks for Some Very Important Points that Should be Considered when Using SEO with This Plugin.. Keep Sharing More Informative Articles Buddy :)

  3. says

    Seriously great post indeed.
    I have been read many article on this topic but this is amazing.
    You have explained each and every point very clearly.
    If bloggers follow these steps then definitely they will produce SEO friendly aticles. :)

    • says

      I want to remind my writing method once again. That’s why I wrote it clearly so that a non expert and a beginner may understand the actual SEO writing.
      thanks for dropping the comment Rajesh !!!
      Keep visiting !!!

  4. says

    Hello Ravi,
    Great post……..This post is very useful for those bloggers who want to learn something……these tips are very important for writing an seo article. thanks a lot..

  5. says

    As I have very less knowledge about writing posts and SEO, this article is surely gonna help me. And thanks a ton for writing this. Actually I have fulfilled all these points in my post but still page analysis is not shown and the dot is still colorless. If you’d help me a bit in that I will be very thankful to you.

  6. says

    Hey Ravi,
    A Great Article By you..
    A Step by Step Guide To write SEO Friendly Article in SEO by Yoast Plugin.. Which I’m sure will help all newbies and pro’s too..
    Well, I don’t use Yoast Plugin yet But after this Guide I’ll definitely try it.. Thanks for the Clean Write Up
    Sugandha! :)

  7. says

    Analysis section of SEO by Yoast plugin is very helpful for any writing SEO froendly articles. I use Genesis framework on my blog and it has many inbuilt SEO features. But I am thinking about installing this plugin on my blog too esp for the analysis purpose.

    • says

      Hi Ankur !!!
      This blog is also running on Genesis Framework. And I have the same reason to use this plugin.You must try it and you will definitely love it.
      Thanks for leaving your comment on this post.

    • says

      You can do the SEO for a post containing 100 words too, but that will not worth. You can rank on it for only a small time period, later you will be kicked off by Google and other blogs will dominate your article.

      You can write 200 to 300 words with the same technique that I have mentioned.

  8. says

    Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for sharing this great and simple to follow steps, I have heard a lot about this plugin but didn’t try it out my self, well have to check it out.

    • says

      Hello Qasim !!!
      It is the best plugin to start up the writing. Even when I had started, in the beginning I used to write the article using this plugin on my local server. Glad to know you are going to use it. This will be worth to trying to it.

  9. says

    Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment on my blog.
    Well, I hear a lot has changed with the recent Google updates. I’m doing my personal research to see how this has affected onpage optimization 😉

    • says

      Hi Enstine !!!

      I am glad to see you on my blog.
      Absolutely!!! Google has annoyed everyone with recent updates. Nice to know that you are doing some research for the on-Page SEO and I am hoping from you to share it with us 😉 . I got request from some newbies to write about this guide.

      Well, If we work according to guideline rather like spammers, our blogs will get no harms from such updates. My blog got positive effect and I saw an increased in traffic after these updates 😀

      Thanks again for making your landing to this blog. I would like to see you around

  10. says

    Hi Ravi,
    Well you have given quite useful information about writing SEO optimized articles.
    But you have mentioned that the keyword density should not be more than 1.5% but according to yoast page analysis it should not be more than 4.5% , so can you tell me the reason behind why you wrote so?

    • says

      Hello Abhishek !!!
      Your questions is obvious. but if you have noticed, Yoast has given the last limit as 4.5 %.
      A 4.5% keyword density means you have used about 20 times that keyword in a 300 word article which seems to as key stuffing. The 1.5 % density is best considerable keyword density and i use it.

      however you can use keywords up to 4.5 %. But if you are writing for reader instead of Search engine, then keyword will occur again and again and your reader will get frustrated from the article and will kick away your blog soon.

      My keyword density is below 1 % in this article, and that seems fine, Imagine if I had used the keywords upto 4.5 % :D. And I have mentioned the keyword for which this post has been written, you can check that keyword in Google, This article is in Top results 😉

      Thanks by the way for asking such a good question !!!
      cheers !!!

  11. says

    WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best SEO plugin you can use on your blog. And I am really surprised that it is still a free tool.
    It is updated frequently and all the latest metrics that are required to rank on Google are released with newer updates. With Yoast SEO, one can easily write SEO optimized articles on a blog. It’s a really good and awesome plugin.

  12. says

    great informative post…
    I m also using this SEO tool,it hepls me a lot to perform good SEO.
    Happy to see you teach all tricks of this tool very briefly.
    thanks for sharing it…:)

  13. says

    Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for sharing this and lovely write up. Enjoyed the tips you provided and thanks!

    Shared on G+ too!


  14. says

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    lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot
    of work, there is an online tool that creates readable,
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  16. says

    i have a problem with yoast that it always shows your keyword density is 0% . i Do not know why even my post have a proper keyword in it.

  17. says

    It’s an excellent guided article on SEO friendly article writings. Personally I got benefit from this article and hope beginners also get required resources to write an SEO friendly article. Thanks to the author to present such a guided article.

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