Countries with Fastest Internet Connection in the World

Today, the Internet has become a basic need of the mankind. Every person who lives in this technology driven world feels nothing without it. If we measure the past few year statistics, the  number of Internet users has increased in a tremendous amount.  We get to know everything that happens around the world, in just a few minutes through the eWorld.

The internet is basically a medium of communication today by which we are getting connected millions of people every day. The Internet world is filled with Blogs and Websites. And almost any topic, you can find easily here.

The Internet Communication is taking forms of VoIP, IMs and video calling.

Speed of the Internet

The most important thing comes in an Internet user’s mind is the Speed of Internet Connection that he is using. Yes, the Speed !!!

A slow Connection may lead you to get bored of it when you wait for the web page to be opened. However,  there are many countries in the world where people enjoy the lightning fast Internet Connection. They provide their users the best experience on the web.

The Akmai Technologies,  which is an Internet Content delivery Network, has  the list of countries that has fastest Internet whole over the World. If you are thinking that the United States of America  enjoys the fastest Internet Speed, then you will get highly disappointed after reading the list of the Top 8 Countries with Fastest Internet Connection which I’m going to share today with you.

8 Countries with Fastest Internet Connection in the World

8 Countries with Fastest Internet Connection


Internet Connection at 40.1Mbps

However, the country is not in the top 10 list. But it has the connection speed of 40.1Megabits per second. There is a 53% growth from last year. The Internet in Israel has been available since 1990’s and  in 2001 it was made for commoners.

The Broadband development has made the county maintain such a high speed. The Internet in Israel is provided  through Phones and Cable which delivers the speed of 40.1Mbps.


Internet Connection at 41.4Mbps

Switzerland is well known as the major hub for the Finance Industry. It is the one of highest Internet / Broadband connection rates in the European countries.

The broadband in the country has replaced the telephone communication while the DSL Networks have taken place of Cables and become the prime technology for the Access of Internet. The people of Switzerland enjoy the Internet Speed or 41.4megabits per second.


Internet Connection at 44.6Mbps

In this list of 8 countries with Fastest Internet Connection, Latvia holds a place at 6th position. It provides the data speed of 44.6Mbps. There is an increase of 5.4 % from last quarter. The Internet was begun from 1999 ans was started as dial-up access.

In 2000, about 75,000 Internet users were spotted ans almost a dozen eCommerce website was available.


Internet Connection at 45.6Mbps

Singapore is known as the Tech Hub in the world. It stands in the 5th position in our list offering the Top Internet Speed of 45.6Megabits per second. A brilliant growth of 61% was observed from over last year in the Country.

Singapore has the 4 Major ISPs which provide the high speed of the Internet. These are –

  • SingNet
  • StarHub
  • Pacnet
  • M1

The government has been promoting to increase the usage of Broadband Internet. Over the 99% of connectivity, it is available throughout the country.


Internet Connection at 47.5Mbps

Romania has observed a growth of 23 % over last year. The people in the country are enjoying the Internet Speed at 47.5 Megabits per second.

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Internet Connection at 48.8Mbps

After an increase of 3.1 % from last quarter, Japan is providing an Internet Speed of 48.8Mbps to the country users. However, the country has lost the game in the Electronics Industry, still it is counted as the Top Tele communication country. The Government has been focusing on the Internet development as its national goal.

The High speed Optic fibre is used in many parts of the country in order to deliver the Internet Data , the speed of which comes to be as 48.8 megabits per second.

South Korea 

Internet Connection at 53.5Mbps

South Korea has gained its position on the second number in this list. The peak speed of the Internet is 53.3 in the country. The speed has experienced a growth of about 19% from last quarter and 14 % over the last year.

South Korea is a home of several gaming Competition as it is known as a lover of the Games. The Online game requires a higher bandwidth in order to provide the smooth web gaming experience.

It is the leading country in Internet Connectivity and speed. The HSDPA and Wibro are the most common technology that is used for the wireless broadband  in the country. Also some public restaurants offer the free Wi-Fi facilities during the business hours.

Hong Kong

Internet Connection at 65.1Mbps

Hong Kong maintains the First spot in case of Internet Speed among all abovementoned in the list. The peak goes upto 65.1Mbps. However the country has experienced a 0.9 percent fall from last quarter in the speed, but as compared to last year, a 32 % of growth has been measured.

The country leads in Internet Connectivity and Blazing fast with a high population and governmental support. According to Akamai, the average speed was about 54.1 Mbps but still it was top on the list. As per the 2010 reports,  70 % of the population were Internet Users.

Due to a very less censorship, the internet is mostly used to distribute pirated materials. The Government  has not blocked any of the website and no licenses are required to operate a website in the country.


However, there are many countries that are still on the top list of fastest Internet Connenction. I have just listed the Top 8 countries that are leading in the Highest Speed of Internet.

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    Thanks for sharing this information Ravi. But I don’t get one thing. Here you have shared top 8 countries with fast internet connection, but you say Israel is not in the top 10?! Why is that?

    • says

      Hi Jane !!!
      Thanks for spotting the question.
      Israel is one of the Top countries in Case of Internet. As I have mentioned, It means that Its not in list of Top developed countries.
      It’s just like in Blogosphere we have many blogger with Great Income from Blogging, but they are not in the top list :)
      I hope you got your answers
      thanks again for dropping your comment on this post.

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    I was impressed with internet speed of hong kong. That’s a very good speed of 65.1 mbps. Internet users of hong kong are very lucky. I hope india will join this list atleast by 2020. Thanks for sharing………….

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      I am too waiting for the time when we will be having a great speed of Internet for commercial use.
      thanks for stopping by Srinath !!!

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    once my friend went to china and he was like ” I can download 1GB movie in 10 minutes” and I was like bro plz download atleast 20 movies and get it to India. And in states it’s a human right so I think they don’t really care bout speed as they don’t have to pay for it as in India.

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    Israel..what…really surprised…..
    very much unexpected…As you said..not fully developed country…
    great article sir….
    keep sharing it..

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    Highest internet connectivity has a lot options for users to do entertainment or creative work easily. Above list is inspiring one to see how fastest internet is being used by people around the world. Now most of tech bloggers and reviewers have started believing that future will have very faster internet connectivity which may replace Cable TV also in homes.

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    nice article and it was seriously something informative to read it out but i want to ask about the status of India and the global rank?

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