Best Topics For Writing Articles

What are the best topics that you should choose to start writing. This post will give you an idea to choose a topic that suits you best for the startup.

The Passionate writers always try to choose a topic on which  they express their writing passion , love and feelings. And there are many people for whom, it doesn’t matter whether the topic they have chosen will give a profit or not.  A person having a hobby of writing and is in love with it , will probably think about the profit or any kind of monetization .

However, it’s not holding 100 % true in most of the cases. A stage comes when even the passionate writer tries to monetize it’s writing skills. Freelance Writer are the best examples of it. Whatever it is,  everyone wants to have a secure future for himself / herself.

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The person who chose writing a profession, becomes an expert and make money with the writing skills.

It’s very difficult to choose a topic on which a beginner can write easily.  Selecting a wrong and difficult to write topic can kick you  away soon from writing. To help them out, today this in this article we are going to discuss the best and easiest topic which can be easily written by a beginner and even the expert.

However, you can search the web for finding your topic to start the writing. And your search results will give you thousands of topics that will make you confused .Before that I would like you to have a look on the following.

Best Topics For Writing Articles

best topics for writing articles


People fall in love, break up,  patch up, cheating etc. Since there is no end to provide the advice on such topics.

If you love to write about such topics then you can choose any of the related topics that interests you more and can craft your skills and emotions into words. Some example posts could be like

  • Romantic Dinner with Her
  • Relationship Advice for Men / Women
  • Tips for creating a good relationship with your partner

Children and Family

A lot of parents and teachers have to deal with little children but most of them fails to handle them. You can write about the tips to deal with children that may help the parents to take care of their children.

Business and Finance

A question for you. Does your wallet allow you to full fill all your dreams and requirements ? This is the common issue with an ordinary man. If you are from business field possessing some expertise and willing to write it, then it may be a great choice for you.

Because a lot of people deal with their daily financial problems. And you can provide the ways and tips that could help them solve their Business and Finance problems.

Food and Drinks

Who is not health conscious ? Almost everyone I can guess. This whole world loves to eat and drink every time and this is most admired and profitable topics that is opted mostly by housewives.

As they can serve you the best recipes of healthy foods as well as drinks and can provide the ideas that could lead to increase your taste of a particular dish.

Science and Technology

The vast and  informative field.  A lot of Tech geek are on the internet that provide tips / tutorials and help on various technologies. You can also become one of them and start your writing as a tech journalist.

Even you can start your own blog and write on the topic that people are keen to learn. The only thing is required you will have to choose the best topics in this field that people loves to read and you should have an expertise in it. For example , in the current era , people are dying for the Android Technology and every second guy is Android expert there.


We just talked about the best topic that may be opted for writing. It’s now up to you for which topic you will fall in love with writing. If you have already made your hands dirty, go on for the next level.

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  1. says

    thanks for sharing such a creative post….
    in future..if i am able to start a new blog..i will surely start on relationship specially “love”..
    thanks for sharing it….

  2. says

    Great topics to write articles Ravi :) You have not only simply provided topics to write articles but you’ve revealed some highly profitable and good niches :)

    Thanks for sharing. I find relationship and diet niches to be evergreen :)

  3. says

    Actually we can write on any niche it mostly depends on our knowledge and what we like to talk about. Isn’t that right Ravi Sir?

  4. says

    Thanks Ravi Verma for yet another awesome post, Your blogs are very helpful for a newbie blogger. I am still in the process of learning. It is really good that I subscribed on your website.

    Thank you so much.

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