All about Web Image Formats You Must Know

Still confused about the Web Image Formats ? Don’t worry now !!!  Today I have a great Infographic article to enhance your knowledge for the Web Graphics and Image Formats.

The web is fully crowded with a lot of Graphic Images. Even while writing a blog post, the blogger includes an appropriate image to give a better finishing with the article.

If you have ever noticed, the Social Media Images and the Blog Images are usually  found in the format  of  JPG, GIF and PNG . The web graphics run with the RGB ( Red, Green and Blue) colour model.

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Luckily, these days I am trying to learn the Graphics and I found a very informative Infographic on the web regarding the basic things about the Web Image Formats.

The  Infographic given below will clear all your doubts about the Web Image Formats and if you are a beginner in Graphics Design or an amateur photographer then you will definitely find this article very useful. Let’s check out what the Infographic is saying.

A picture speaks a thousand of words at a time 😉

Web Image Formats [ Infographic]

Web image Formats. All about  Web Image Formats You Must Know

Infographic by Stedas Dizain

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    Hey That’s great Info graphic Shred Buddy, yeah JPG, PNG & Gif is Most used Image types in articles. now its time to read Whole Info graphic, Thanks For Sharing it :)

  2. says

    although this post do not easily understand for people who are not familiar with computer graphics…
    but the way you write….it really appreciating..
    thanks for sharing it….

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    Well yes I’m aware of this all image formats which are used by social media or facebook. The infographics is really amazing and informative.

    Thanks for sharing.

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