21 Rules for Effective Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

An infographic that tells the effective ways of social media marketing for bloggers and Internet marketers.

How to Use Social Media Effectively ? This is most common question among  the Internet Marketers and Bloggers. What kind of Activity will raise the presence and which will cause  declination in your performance graph.

However, many of the people get success to create a good presence on the Social networks in a short time,  either because of luck or  by applying some effective strategies to build their brand there.

Your contribution, Activities , Behaviour and Adaptability may decide where you will stand in the crowd over the social network.  It all depends on your social media activities and strategies for marketing  your content.

Well , I will not take too much time here. Thanks to socialmetricspro   who has provided  such a great Infographic to guide us for social media marketing. This infographic tells you the 21 Rules for effective social media marketing.

Effective Social Media Marketing  [Infographic]

21 Rules for effective social media marketing

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  1. says

    the best two points among these are 1. no shortcuts and 2. quality > quantity
    thanks for sharing such an useful information regarding social media marketing

  2. says

    Very nice Social media marketing related post brother,good work keep it up.indeed very very useful in my point of view.

  3. says

    Very informative infographics, yes now social media is really becoming very important for internet marketing. Even Google search engine is giving much importance to it. The points given are much needful for successful social media engagements.

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